One of my favorite parts about Autumn is the ability to layer clothing. A stylist typically prides themselves in their ability to layer and make a look effortless without looking overdressed. Casual but still intentional. Fall is the easiest time of year to do this because vests, jackets, sweaters, and coats all lend themselves to being layered.The ability to remove clothes (or add them) and still look appropriate for the event always brings a smile to my face. I often feel a bit like a style ninja when I can help clients layer their wardrobe for important events, trips, or times when they need to feel pulled-together. It’s not hard, but I understand that it CAN be frustrating for people that don’t spend all day looking at clothes and assembling combinations to create different looks simply by layering. Here is the formula I used with the outfit above:

  • Create a base layer. In this case, it’s my black wrap sweater.
  • Add a layer on top that can be removed if necessary. This cardigan is lovely and a STEAL at this price. I highly suggest purchasing one. I love mine.
  • An outerwear option. I would probably add my black wool trench coat if the weather was cooler- but make sure you can still move comfortably in all layers once combined. Nothing is worse than throwing on several layers and getting in the car only to find you can barely raise your arms to drive. Don’t do that.
  • Bonus points for a scarf of some sort.

photos: Jacque, Inc.

You don’t have to do this exactly, but make sure you’re ok with wearing the base layer alone in the event you get too hot. Also, make sure that if you are someone that is always cold you layer to avoid bulk. For example, I wear vests a lot when I’m outside or cold because it keeps my core warm and those work well under coats while still leaving me the ability to move my arms enough to function. Function trumps fashion when layering. Trust me. Then just add a favorite pair of boots like these, and you immediately look chic and put together!

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