One of my favorite shoes (boots?) in my closet is the ankle boot. There are so many versions of this short boot that you can find one tailored to your style proclivities. Today I thought I would round up my favorites in each price range. In regards to style and fit, here are my tips to know before you go shopping:

    • Determine color. Do you wear more black, brown, or taupe? Black tends to be dressier, brown is more casual, and taupe or grey is the trendiest. Granted, any can look more casual or dressy depending upon how you style it- but know what you’re looking for BEFORE you head out.
    • Determine style. Do you want something more professional to wear to work? Perhaps something more casual for your errand running. Look at your closet and honestly assess when/where you’ll be wearing these boots and choosing a style accordingly.
    • Pick a material. Leather lasts longer, tends to be more durable, and breaks in better than a synthetic. The downside is usually the price. Leather is not cheap, so plan on spending more for the real deal. Synthetic is a better option if the price is a variable or if you’re looking for something cruelty-free.
    • Size accordingly. Will you be wearing these boots with thick wool socks? Make sure you have them on hand when you’re trying on shoes. Also, I always tell clients to shop at the end of the day when your feet are a bit swollen as you will have a great idea if the boots are truly too snug.
    • Accessories matter. Shoes too large? Buy a fake sheepskin insert. You’ll be warm AND you feel like you’re wearing Uggs. Also, you can purchase heel inserts to make your boots fit a bit more snugly if they’re a tad too large.

Hopefully, you can find a pair you love for this fall and winter! If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to link-up below!

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