Every year, I look forward to Thanksgiving, but as an adult, I love it even more than I did as a child. There is something positively lovely about making a special effort around the holidays for your own kiddos and Thanksgiving is no exception. I was raised getting dressed up for the holidays and I still enjoy it to this day! 

photos: Jacque, Inc.

Dress (on sale!) | Shoes

I know that there’s always a question of what to wear for Thanksgiving, so here are a few outfit suggestions for you! I actually categorized them by store so if you have to go shopping you only have to shop one place/website. Keep in mind a lot of stores have “buy online and pick up in store” offerings, so check that out! No shipping and one-stop shopping!



Banana Republic


We specifically built our home to host the holidays, and I’m so thankful for the space we have. If you want to follow along on Instagram, I’ll be on IG stories during the days leading up to Turkey Day!

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