I tracked down my favorite gifts to give the ladies that “have everything.’ Hopefully, this helps you shop for the hard-to-buy-for lady in your life!

If for some reason the slide-show doesn’t work, I included the captions and links below!

The best throw blanket ever. No really. It’s insanely soft, it’s weighted well so it holds heat in, and it warms me up super quickly! The perfect gift for someone who is always cold!

If you know someone that likes to take walks in the winter, this beanie has earbuds built in!

These slippers warm up in the microwave and keep my cold feet toasty warm! I’ve been obsessed with them since I found them at market this year!

Know someone that loves smoothies? This sorbet maker can take any juice recipe and turn it into soft serve or sorbet!

The softest pajamas to don’t overheat you or tangle up at night. These are my personal favorites!

Speaking of soft, this cardigan is the softest you can find and works wonderfully over the pajamas I listed above or with jeans! I wear mine every day in the winter!

If you have family that lives far away, this device allows you to say hi and video chat!

Yeah, so you may not end up giving this foot massager away. It’s AMAZING. A bit pricey, but just lovely.

I love the idea of these gratitude cards. There is a set used to write to a grandchild or just to friends and family that you’re thankful for! These are wonderful for the woman in your life who is always on top of thank you notes!

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