I have unintentionally found the single best hair product for bouncy curls that last days. It’s this volume spray from Aquage.

Backstory: I have a lot of hair. In addition to having a ridiculous amount of hair, my hair won’t hold a curl without serious product intervention. (We’re talking curl products + hairspray in every single combination possible.) My issue was that was the products that made it stay curled left my hair feeling crunchy or like I couldn’t touch it. Neither option was great and honestly, I live in Kansas where the wind will mess up your hair within mere seconds of stepping out of the door.

This spray is the only thing I put on my hair. I can brush (oh yes, you heard me correctly) my curls out to loosen them a bit and they STAY LIKE THAT. If they get tangled up, I just brush through them again. I can get three days of curls out of one style- although each day the curls are looser and I have to add dry shampoo- but I’ll take that over curls that fall out in 20 minutes. You can always re-curl the hair if you want more defined curls the next day if you so choose.

If you’d like to see the video of how I actually curl my hair- check this out:

Buy the spray here

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