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This year I wanted to start off with my favorite items for your in every category. I’m sharing the main staples for a versatile wardrobe with specific picks- but feel free to customize it based upon your needs.

This week I’m sharing one of the classics in any wardrobe: the button up shirt. I always suggest a classic, crisp white oxford (my favorite here), but you can always go for a silkier version or play with color. I’ve been wearing a simple white dress shirt for over 2 decades and it’s easily one of the most versatile objects in my closet.

Here are 3 simple ways to wear it:

Summer: I roll up the sleeves and wear it open over a white tank, shorts, and some sandals. Cute and casual, but still intentional and not sloppy. This always reminds me of the east coast- which you know I adore.

Fall: I always pair this with jeans and either a cardigan or a sweater. When you’re not cold you can wear it tied around your waist or shoulders. Once it cools off, slip the sweater on over the blouse and you’ll look polished while staying warm.

Work: This shirt will be the workhorse of your professional wardrobe. If you spend a fair amount in a business professional capacity- opt to splurge on a wrinkle-free version. It may be more expensive, but it is WELL worth the money. It will go with every skirt or set of trousers in your closet AND can be worn under sleeveless dresses during the fall and winter. 

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