Having two LARGE dogs can lead to a huge amount of dog hair all over our house. As much as I love our fur babies, I don’t love hair everywhere. Unless we decide to get hairless or non-shedding breeds, we’ll be stuck with dog hair forever. Luckily, we’ve tried everything to help tame the shedding and are happy to report we have a great system in place! First step: The Furminator. We got this brush years ago with my first labrador Roo- and it still works perfectly. It’s amazing and keeps the dog hair shedding minimal. You have to do it pretty often (we do it on the weekends) and if we don’t, I notice more hair all over the house. It’s magic and completely different than any other pet brush! (They make them for cats too!)

Step Two: Vacuum. I know this sounds like a simple thing, but I’ve found better tools lead to quicker cleaning. Over the years we’ve had a robot vacuum (we LOVE the Neato Botvac) but this house has more rooms than our last and the robot vacuum didn’t work as well here as it did previously. (At the old house, this is what we used exclusively and it worked like a charm.) Moving lead to us switch to cleaning manually with two types of vacuums- this Swiffer Vac (under $50 and AMAZING) and this Dyson cordless. I use the Swiffer in the kitchen and dining room because it’s quieter than the Dyson and I can do a quick sweep of the main floor daily.

The Dyson has a hard flooring head, a carpet head, AND a special smaller head for upholstery and stairs. It is AMAZING. The battery life lasts a really long time and I adore how well it works! We haven’t used our tradition Dyson vacuum in over a year because this stick version is so effective!

Buying Tip: choose this older model of Dyson from Bed Bath & Beyond and you can STILL use the 20% off coupon on it- which takes it to 50% off the original price! (It may be from a previous year, but I can fully attest to the fact that it works like a DREAM.)

Step Three: if you still find some hair has gotten on your clothing- not all lint rollers are created equal. The only lint roller we purchase is this one– which is sticky enough to get off ANY hair, fuzz, or lint off your favorite pants. I’ve tried alllllll of the ones on the market and this is by far superior!

Truthfully, we will always be battling dog hair as pet owners, but these products legitimately make it easier to battle shedding. There are countless options on the market but after years of trying things, this is my tried and true method to combat dog hair in our house!

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