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Hello friends! It’s been a long time since I posted a Friday Favorites and I have so many favorites to share for you! I’m going to split the posts up between beauty, hair, and apparel/shoes.

This week I’m starting with beauty favorites! These are my top products to help combat winter skin!

I swapped out my daily moisturizer for this one and I love that it has some SPF and helps combat dryness and oil. It’s also customizable- you can pick the kind that fits your skin type!

I needed a better night moisturizer so here are my favorites in each price range:

Low: This is a new product and I love it! It keeps my skin soft and doesn’t irritate it. Your best affordable option!

Mid: This is my year-round favorite. Tried and true, this cream absorbs into skin and I love how my face feels when I wake up!

High: My holy grail of face creams, but I only use it when my skin is having a rough day. It’s pricey, but worth it when nothing else works.

If you have patches of dry skin, this moisture mask is my favorite and I keep it on hand specifically for these dry winter months!

Don’t forget to exfoliate! Dry, dead skin needs to be sloughed off and you can do this manually with a scrub (I use this one every morning) or chemically (I use this one every few weeks). The key to not irritating your skin is working into your regimen. Start exfoliating gently (don’t scrub hard!) so that your skin doesn’t get irritated and use it every other day at first. The chemical peel I suggest using a few minutes less than directions tell you to and see how your skin reacts.

Fair warning about the chemical peel- it WILL make your face red like a tomato (totally normal) so plan on doing this before bed or at least giving yourself a few hours before going out in public. I apply mine on Sunday night.

My skin is sensitive, acne prone, and aging. These products drastically help my skin maintain acceptable levels of moisture in this dry winter air and they have for YEARS. I adore all of these products and I hope you do too!

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