I wanted to introduce y’all to the newest member of the Dixon family- Maximus the Minivan. I’ve been lobbying for a minivan for almost 7 years and I fiiiiiiiiinally convinced Ian to get on board.

A little background- I have long adored minivans for their functionality. Although I’m a self-proclaimed car person, you can’t beat the amazing options a minivan offers. Jaw dropping beauty or breakneck quarter mile time? Not really. Truthfully, the season of life we’re in doesn’t require a minivan, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

When Chrysler reimagined the design of the Pacifica a few years back- I took notice. The gorgeous leather interior with captain’s chairs appealed to me both aesthetically and practically. I LOVED my last vehicle, Linus the Lexus, but I wanted more space for Alexander and the dogs. Additionally, Kansas is windy as all get-out, and as Alexander gets older I didn’t want him to slam our car doors accidentally into other cars. Siding doors solve that problem and make it easier to get in and out in tight spaces.

We compared all minivans and it was between the models from Honda, Chrysler, and Toyota. In the end, the style and features pushed the Chrysler over the line. Ian loved the blacked out details (all black grill, 20” wheels, and badges) while I loved the never-ending sunroofs (there’s THREE) and the stow-and-go seats.

In all honesty, I’ve been joking that it looks like a minivan would if a rapper got ahold of it. His full name is Maximus the Murdered Out Minivan. I LOVE the bigger wheels and all the black badging. It’s a very Adriele car. The commercials have the mom rolling up to the school pickup line blasting rap- which is also very Adriele. Lol.

There’s also a multitude of features that make mom’ing easier:

  • In-vehicle vacuum 
  • Foot activated, hands free lift-gate and side door
  • Dual touch screen monitors with wireless headphones and remotes
  • Wi-fi capabilities 
  • Heated seats in all 4 captain’s chairs
  • Vented front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • BluRay players 
  • USB chargers in all rows of seating
  • Power outlet
  • Hands free park assist
  • 360° cameras for backing up
  • Brake assist
  • Lane assist
  • Window shades

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but my point is that Chrysler left no convenience out. I haven’t even figured out how half of my vehicle works yet. I love it and although I miss Linus the Lexus, I’m enjoying all that this minivan has to offer. Linus didn’t have half of the options Maximus does, and I don’t regret the decision at all.

And yes, I could have just gotten an SUV, but the point is I don’t want an SUV. I’m leaning hard into this soccer mom thing (Alexander starts soccer next week). Also, last week we had some serious torrential rain, and I just hopped in the car with Alexander, shut the door and then helped him into his car seat. Let’s face it, I will NOT miss getting rained on while I wait for the toddler to get his act together in his car seat.

Lastly, let me note that this post was in NO WAY sponsored. None. Chrysler doesn’t know who I am. I just wanted to encourage other parents to ignore the stereotype and embrace their inner minivan lover. Because it’s GREAT. Also, Ian now straight-up loves this thing. He is FULLY on board with #TeamMinivan and thinks it’s awesome. (Let me point out, that brings the “Adriele is right” tally up to 2,954,342.) 😉

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