It’s May! The request I hear the most this time of year is usually, “help me find a swimsuit that I don’t hate!”

Despite all that is going on in our world right now, I realize some of you would still appreciate some tips and direction in these treacherous waters. (Pun intended.)

With that in mind, I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite suits. The majority come in a wide array of sizes, so you can find a pattern and fit that makes you feel more confident slipping into your swimsuit. (Or at the very least, not hating it.)

There are a few cult-favorite Amazon suits that have been around for years, and truthfully, they’re pretty great. If you want something that is solid, inexpensive, and you don’t mind if other friends have the same suit, these are your go-to:

Now, if you like your suit to match your personality and want to be unique, here are more options for you. (Although, let’s be honest, right now my personality is “tired, cranky, and stressed,” so I’m unsure of what swimsuit says that…)

These lovely ladies are cute, offer great coverage, and unique. Most are even under $30!

If tummy control is at the top of your list, these are my favorite options. Most of these are on sale right now, so snag them before they’re gone.

If you’re feeling a bit spendy, I highly recommend these two brands. I love how they look and how they fit. I have at least one from each company and I can attest they fit perfectly, are of sturdy construction, and generally my favorites. HOWEVER, totally unnecessary if spending around $100 for a swimsuit is not your thing.

Thankfully, brands have been doing a better job of realizing that “cheeky” swimsuits aren’t popular with everyone, and that modest suits don’t need to be boring. Hopefully, this post will help you find a swimsuit that you don’t hate and perhaps even love!

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