This year I opted to shop at home with the help of my personal shopper at Nordstrom, Courtney. She follows up with me every year and although usually I drive up to see her and we make a day out of this, this year I’m slammed at the new job (yay!), so Courtney offered to take my wish list and get everything shipped to me.

Here is one of the many reasons I love Courtney. She knows my style, so if I ask her to pull things I didn’t see, forgot about, etc- she knows (like any amazing stylist) exactly what will look the best on me. She’s great AND she helps me save time when I go into the store.

So here are the items I picked to have shipped (for me):

There are the few items I grabbed for Ian:

I got Alexander a few things too!

I’ll also do a mass try-on when I get everything in! I’ll have videos and still shots. But if you want to shop now before things sell out, do it!!

I’ll also list more tomorrow, but right now I’m exhausted and going to bed!

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